We are a hot yoga and hot pilates studio, located in the heart of Leeds city centre. Our state-of-the-art studio has a purpose built hot room, constructed to create the ultimate hot yoga experience. 


Our hot room uses blower (forced air) technology to create a safe and comfortable heated environment. Unlike heating panels, which heat up objects (for example people in the room) our system heats up the air, and blows the hot air into the room. This means you are not at risk of the negative effects that infrared or radiating heat can create. 


Designed in collaboration with experts from the US and Scandinavia, we’ve drawn upon the Scandinavian experience of creating well insulated spaces in a hostile climate. Walls, floor and ceiling are all insulated, creating a 'hot box' that maintains a warm and even temperature at all times.


Our heating and ventilation system has been carefully constructed to create a constant and even yoga room temperature of 40c, with a humidity level of 40%. The exchange of fresh air is carefully monitored throughout every class with the help of a CO2 meter, making sure that there is plenty of fresh, oxygenated air in the room at every given moment. 


Our Air Handing Unit (located on top of the roof) brings in 20 litres of fresh air per second and per person, for a room of 50 people. This is already twice the minimum requirement for public indoor spaces in the UK. Of course with fewer than 50 people in the yoga room, there is even more fresh air for everyone!


The flooring of our yoga room is slip-safe and has sound reducing acoustic properties. It is ergonomically designed for underfoot comfort and anti-fatigue benefits. The flooring material contains antimicrobial agents, giving it antibacterial as well as anti-fungal properties. 

Most importantly, all floors are cleaned in between every class. We pride ourselves on keeping all areas of the studio meticulously clean at all times. We believe that the feeling of being in a clean and safe environment is a big part of the overall experience of practicing a class at our studio.