The Heat is On the Roof!

On the 26th of November our Air Handling Unit arrived. It was the size of a VW bus and had to be lifted onto the roof with a crane.


On the 26th of November the Air Handling Unit (the AHU) the machine that creates the heat for the yoga room, arrived at the studio. The AHU basically heats up the air, adds humidity and then blows the air into the yoga room. Shaped like a VW bus, and even a bit larger than the classic camper van, the AHU would have to be lifted onto the roof by a gigantic crane. It all had to happen very early in the morning, on a Sunday, as several streets around the studio had to be closed off to accommodate the crane. We set the alarm for 5 am.


There had been weather warnings issued the day before, saying wind speeds could get up to 26 m/s so we were a little bit worried. Lifting the AHU up in the narrow gap between the buildings on Land's Lane meant that if the AHU started rocking from side to side we could end up with a gigantic "wrecking ball effect".

The AHU was hoisted up safely, and guided into it's place on the roof. Once connected, this machine will give us the lovely tropical heat we all love to practice in. The ducts connecting it to the yoga room have been fitted with CO2 meters, constantly measuring the air quality in the yoga room, and adapting the fresh-air intake to the number of students in each class. We have set this machine to provide 20 liters of fresh air per second for every student in the room. This can be compared to the UK standard requirement for high-cardio training like spinning, which is 12 lit/sek/pers. The extra air we're allowing probably puts the air quality in our yoga room on a par with that in a surgical operating theatre!