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A Blog about Studio News from Vicki Anderson

Testing Sitting still will make us feel sluggish and tired. Doing online classes from the comofort of your own home is an excellent way to combat this:

  • Stretching will alleviate and combat back pain
  • Body awareness will combat stress and anxiety
  • Strength training (part of our pilates classes) will make you feel toned and light
  • Cardio training (part of both yoga and pilates) will get your endorphines going and make you feel more athletic.

Join Online Membership £40/month"I have a history of quite serious depression, but these classes have really cheered me up, especially during lockdown. They give a structure to my day. I feel more confident in my body, moving about. And it's great to see and talk to people in the interactive classes, many of the teachers and other students have become my freinds."

Rick, 74, says these things about how the online classes have helped him

Online yoga and pilates is a great way to start feeling healthier in your body, and more comfortable in your own skin. It's also a great way to connect to a community of like minded people, even when you are stuck at home.

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Monthly Online Membership for £40