I grew up in Bulgaria, in quite a large city, a bit like Leeds. I was a curious child, always liked sports and exercise, and I love trying out new things. I did everything from running, tennis and volleyball, to weight training, and ballroom dancing. I wanted to try EVERYTHING, at least once! I always felt that physical activity would charge me up with energy, and make me feel positive about life. 

When I left school I started working in the hospitality sector. I worked in a very busy restaurant, and I enjoyed being around people, and being in that buzzing, high-energy atmosphere. I guess you could say that I have many passions in life, and something I have always been passionate about is making other people feel good about themselves. I’ve also always been fascinated with shapes and symmetry, so when I came to the UK I trained as a hairdresser. I’ve been working full time as a hairdresser since 2013, and this job has always been a great outlet for my creativity and my desire to make people feel good about themselves. 

Five years ago I started practicing yoga and mediation, and I also became interested in different forms of energy healing. I read everything I could get my hands on about different methods of energy healing from China and Japan, and this ended with me training to become a fully certified Reiki Healer in 2014. The Reiki treatments were a wonderful way of connecting and helping people on a deep level, but the problem was I could only reach one person at a time. I felt I needed a bigger platform, I wanted to touch more lives, help more people. 

Discovering The Hot Room was a turning point in my life. The practice was just the kind of challenge I craved, and I soon felt part of an amazing, supportive community. The classes allow me to push the limits of my body, and noticing measurable changes helps build confidence in myself and my practice.

Training with Gabi Walters, the creator of Inferno Hot Pilates, changed my perspective once again. The results and the quick transformation are so empowering for everyone who takes part. Being part of my students’ transformational journey is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.

My mission is to ignite your passion for fitness and well-being. I notice again and again that once you feel stronger on the inside, everyone around you sees that, too. Dedicating time to improving yourself is a big step towards self-love, and I am beyond excited to be a part of your journey!

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