Yin Yoga & Gong Bath - An Immersive Experience


Join us for a deliciously restorative afternoon, spent nourishing mind, body and spirit. We will combine yin yoga and sound healing to stimulate the senses, allowing us to delve into deep, restorative, healing relaxation.


The Autumn season is a time to let go - letting go of unwanted thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us. This is a time for surrender. 


Feel refreshed. Feel yourself letting go of unwanted tension, whilst the sounds resonate and vibrate around you, through you. Explore how it feels to be completely calm whilst moving slowly into yin poses and holding them for a few minutes whilst you allow the vibrating sounds of the gong to wash over you. 


The benefits of yin poses help nurture this physical, mental or even emotional release. Come away feeling uplifted, refreshed with a renewed focus and clarity for your peace of mind.

Upcoming Classes

SUNDAY, 28 NOV 2021

14:00 - 15:15

Yin Yoga & Gong Bath - An Immersive Experience

This event runs from 14:00 on Sunday until 15:15 on Sunday

Yin & Gong Bath (All Access Members) £15.00

Yin & Gong Bath (Others) £25.00