Silent Class & Wild Chocolate Club

Join us on a heart-opening journey of sensation, music and movement.  

One hour silent class led by Kristin

Cacao ceremony circle

Guided ecstatic movement to music led by Vicki


Turn up, tune in, shake, shimmy, dance and be wild! Enjoy the freedom to move however you feel. No right or wrong. Eyes closed, go inside and connect with your dance. Supported by the cacao ceremony at the beginning and group meditation at the end, and tunes to make your body rock in the middle.

The one hour silent class is a wonderfully atmospheric way to practice the Bikram series. Moving together in silence, everyone moving as one.

After class we form a ceremonial circle to share a raw cacao drink, which has been especially created for this occasion by Sun and Stephen Trigg. Sun and Stephen are long standing members at Bikram yoga Leeds, and together they run Lauden Chocolate –Leeds based multi-award winning chocolate company. The raw cacao drink contains some of the same substances that your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love, encouraging your brain to release feel-good endorphins.

After the cacao ceremony we will be guided through a journey of ecstatic movement by Vicki, designed to release joyous energy and working in harmony with  the cacao to create a blissful experience.


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