Original Hot Yoga


Getting flexible with gentle stretching can take years. Original Hot Yoga will gives you fast results.

The set series of 26 postures we do every class, means you can easily measure your progress. The heat allows for a deeper stretch, increased circulation and blood flow to the muscles, creating a highly effective, full-body workout.

The postures in themselves are very low impact, so can be done by students of all ages, and all levels of ability. You may not be able to do all the postures in your first class, but you will still feel the effects, even after your very first class. Better sleep, higher energy levels and an improved mood, these usually happen immediately. Improved strength, flexibility, balance and stamina, these will develop with continued practice.

Intensity on 1-10 scale: 5-10 (intensity level can be easily adjusted)

The in-studio temperature of this class is around 40c.

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