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New, Optimised Pricing

Change is the only constant in life. And there's been a lot of change in the studio during the past year.

A Blog about Studio News from Vicki Anderson

Closing the studio at the start of the pandemic hasn't meant that we stopped working - on the contrary. During the past year we have worked harder than ever, to bring our powerful, healing and strengthening yoga and pilates to our community of students, even when none of us were able to meet in person. 


Apart from our regular yoga and pilates offerings, we have added mindfulness and nutrition to our offering, in the form of online workshops and special pop-up classes. We have run a full schedule of interactive, live zoom classes, many of which will still be offered as we open for in-person practice. We have also been busy creating on-demand content in the form of our Virtual Library, which now contains over 100 high quality full classes, short workouts, posture tutorials, guided meditations, and much more.


As we reopen the studio on the 17th of May, we are optimising our pricing, to be more in line with our new offerings. If you’ve kept your full monthly ALL ACCESS or MAINTENANCE membership going throughout our two closures – don’t worry, the price change won’t affect you.


If you have an ALL ACCESS or MAINTENANCE membership with us that is currently suspended, we hope that you feel ready to come back and practice with us, so we’d like to suggest that we activate your membership now.


On the 1st of June, our prices will change like this:

ALL ACCESS Membership: was £70 >> will be £80

MAINTENANCE Membership: was £50 >> will be £60


10 CLASS CARD was £150 >> will be £165

Here’s the deal with this price change:

  • Because all our prices are going up for new members joining us from 1st of June 2021 and onwards, we are no longer able to keep old memberships suspended beyond 31st of May.
  • We are offering to activate your suspended membership before the 31st of May. That way, if you still have some days or weeks that you have already paid for, you can use them up right away.
  • After reactivating, If you decide to continue your membership with us, we can offer you the ALL ACCESS Membership at £70 or the MAINTENANCE at £50. (they will be £80 / £60 for any new members joining us the 31/5!)
  • If you decide not to activate your suspended membership now, we will terminate it for you with immediate effect. If you return to the studio in the future, this will be at our new rates.
  • Please note that if we terminate your membership now, any credited days or weeks will be lost.
  • Please get in touch with us on to let us know what date you would like to restart your membership. If we don’t hear back from you by the 31th of May, we will assume that you are not intending to return right now.

Can’t wait to see you back in the studio!


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New, Optimised Pricing