Get on Zoom

It's easy-peasy!

It’s been amazing to see so many of you our virtual, live Zoom classes! We know the tech can be a little bit tricky, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take a virtual class with us:

1 Download the Zoom app if you don’t have it onto your device.
2 Book into class as usual on our website. If you have an existing Hot Room login and password, please log in as normal, then book the class. If you don't have an active package, please get in touch and we’ll hook you up!
3 You’ll receive an email with a link to the Zoom class around 30 min before the class. Just click the link and join into the session.
4 You need to be OPTED IN to get our emails in order to get this link! If you have Gmail it’s possible the emails from us end up in your “promotions” folder. Please add our address to your contacts, to make sure you get our emails.
5 We are in the process of setting up a system for sending text reminders 1 hour and 15 mins before the start of class, so you don’t accidentally forget to do your yoga and pilates 🤣. If you get one of these and want to stop them, just text us back with “STOP”
6 If you are having problems with any of the above, please email us at:

Happy Zooming!