FREE Week 4-10th of May 2020

Doing yoga alone can be hard, or any other fitness routine, when you're stuck at home. Get the group energy and the accountability of practicing with a teacher. Try our LIVE interactive classes for FREE!

How to join us for the FREE Week? 

It’s simple: to come and try a FREE class, fill out our online sign-up form and book yourself in. ALL classes during the FREE Week are beginners level:


Why try a LIVE interactive class with us? Many of us miss the group energy of practicing in a real class, the accountability of practicing with a real teacher, and a group of real people.

In our LIVE interactive Zoom classes, the teacher can see and interact with you, giving you tips and pointers on form and depth, and even correct your posture (if you want! You can always choose to practice without camera 😁)

You will also connect with a community of like-minded people. Our VIRTUAL STUDIO doesn’t just offer yoga and pilates, we have a weekly cocktail-hour, and a number of interactive workshops: during our FREE week we have a Cooking Workshop with Zana, and a Meditation for Beginners with Jamie. Our workshop offering is a little different every week, some weeks we have Intermediate Yoga, Dance and even Signing and Voice Coaching for beginners.


What if you think you’re not fit or flexible enough to do yoga or pilates? Don’t worry, you ARE! The benefit comes from the sensations you create in your body, rather than from performing perfect postures. It’s very normal to you feel that you can’t master all the postures on your first class. But if you start your practice with an open mind, and a willingness to try, then gaining strength, flexibility and true fitness is practically guaranteed!

ONILNE ONLY INTRO OFFER: Everyone joining our FREE Week will be able to take as many classes as they want from the 4 - 10th of May FREE fo charge. To keep the momentum going after the 10th, you can get the ONLINE ONLY Intro, only £20 for 30 days of unlimited online yoga and pilates, as well as unlimited ON-DEMAND classes in our Virtual Library:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on:

We can't wait to see you in class!