ALL-ACCESS Membership New Client Offer

ALL-ACCESS Membership - New Client Offer


  • Unlimited access to in-studio classes
  • Unlimited access to virtual classes
  • £40 for first month, £80 for subsequent months
  • No minimum contract -One week’s notice to cancel or suspend


  1. I agree to purchasing unlimited in-studio classes and unlimited access to virtual classes for the total monthly price of £40 for the first month, and then £80 for subsequent months, as an automatic monthly charge to my credit/debit card – details of which I have provided below;
  2. I certify that I am the card holder of the card details provided below;
  3. I understand that I will be notified if my credit/debit card fails to authorise any monthly payment that is taken, and that a £10 fee will be applied if I do not provide a valid credit/debit card within seven calendar days of the original rejection date;
  4. I understand that my membership will be terminated if my monthly payment is more that 30 calendar days late;
  5. I acknowledge that this membership contract is in force for one month, with automatic renewal for subsequent months;
  6. I am aware that cancellation or suspension requests must be made in writing (email to:, and I must give at least seven days’ notice to suspend or cancel my membership;
  7. I understand that I can request suspensions free of charge of my membership for up to one-month at a time. Such suspensions can be applied up to three times per year. Additional suspensions will be charged at £20 each.