My yoga journey started back in my early twenties, and has completely changed my life. Working as a model and dancer, and I put myself under very extreme pressure. I suffered for many years with mental health issues and anorexia. Yoga was a very important part of my recovery. As I learnt to be kind to myself and look after my body, I slowly began to love what for so long I had punished.

My need for yoga had me searching out yoga classes wherever I was. It was during my first season working as a model in Barcelona that my agent recommended I try Bikram Yoga. The studio was very close to my model apartment and seeing all the incredibly red-faced glowing yogi’s bouncing out of the door had me very intrigued! So I signed up for my first 30 Day Intro, and of course, I was hooked!

I’ve never looked back since, my dancer-mentality loved the discipline and the challenge of practicing in the hot room, the heat also meant I never felt pain the next day and I could practice daily. My IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a result of the years of malnutrition and abuse) improved and my spine felt healthier than ever when I kept up my daily practice.

But the most important thing for me has been the inner journey this yoga has taken me on. Looking at myself, really looking deep into myself every day in the mirror and learning to accept and love what’s in front of me has been a long, but life-changing journey. I have learnt more about myself in the yoga room than I ever did in all the hours of therapy I went through! Yoga is the greatest therapy and doctor anyone could ever ask for, yoga heals bodies and minds.

I have first hand experience of how yoga and meditation can absolutely turn even the most damaged person’s life around. I have seen how it has alleviated health issues, joint and skeletal problems for so many people.

 I believe in the healing power of this practice so much, and that is exactly why I knew teaching was calling me. As soon as I first stepped up on the podium at teacher training I felt like I had arrived home!

Teaching is the greatest gift I have, I feel so passionate about this yoga and I feel honoured that I am able to guide people along their personal yoga journeys and am able to help in their healing. We ALL need a little healing, yoga is for every body and every mind. 

Join me on the mat and see how yoga can heal, improve your body AND mind, restore balance and take you on your own journey to your Self.